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Our Current Programs

Our programs are focused on providing educational opportunities and fall into two categories: support for older children in orphanages and support for teen orphans once they leave those institutions.

'Stepping Stones' Program

A successful transition to independence requires the foundation be laid before release from the orphanage. Through our Stepping Stones program, we establish relationships with the older children in orphanages, earn their trust, supplement their education and provide guidance and hope for success on the outside. Our interactions with the orphans at this stage enable us to identify those that are most in need of – and have the best opportunity for success in – our Bridges to Independence program. We provide support in the following areas:

  • Career and Life Skills Counseling
  • Computer Training
  • English language classes
  • Enrichment Programs (Special activities are arranged to develop the imaginations and desires of the orphans – increasing the number of motivated children leaving the orphanage care system).

'Bridges To Independence' Program

This program’s focus is in providing a framework for the children after they leave the orphanage. It provides a comprehensive support system that enables orphans to focus on establishing a solid foundation for their life – instead of just their next meal. With adults they can trust and reinforcements that enable them to believe in themselves, these young teenagers are able to develop a sense of self worth – a necessary ingredient for making the right choices in life. We provide support in the following areas:

  • Immediate Survival Needs
  • Procurement of Government Benefits
  • Legal Support for Protection of Rights
  • Educational Placement Assistance
  • Teen Scholarships
  • Career and Life Counseling
  • Psychological and Emotional Support.

Immediate Survival Needs — The most critical period in the life of an orphan is the two weeks following their release from the orphanage. Since they leave the orphanage with only the clothes on their backs, those unable to find some level of support in terms of food and shelter, quickly move into survival mode and many are never heard from again. We provide support and/or guidance for accommodation, food, clothing, healthcare, social challenges, transportation - all driven by the best interests of the child - and the resources available to us.

Procurement of Government Benefits — A nominal stipend provided by the government is available to young people leaving institutionalized care. It is not awarded automatically but requires the young person to submit a detailed request. Without assistance, many orphans never receive this monetary support from the government, and those that do typically receive the lowest dollar amount due to inadequately representing themselves. We help them navigate the bureaucratic requirements to improve the support they obtain.

Legal Support for Protection Of Rights — We provide counsel to orphans about their legal rights and when possible, provide assistance. For example, there are cases in which the children could be returned to an apartment which was illegally taken upon the death of their parents and rightfully belongs to the child as the legal heir.

Educational Placement Assistance — The difference between long-term success and abject failure hinges on knowing the opportunities available to each child, providing guidance on suitability, and having established relationships with local vocational and technical schools and colleges. In most communities, orphans are shunned and stigmatized; they rarely get the consideration or opportunities that they deserve. Having an adult to represent them dramatically increases the odds of admission to certain institutions.

Teen Scholarship – supporting the children in their learning also demands assistance with their everyday cost of living – food, transportation, clothes, healthcare etc. Without this support, it would be impossible for the child to focus on their studies.

The scholarship money is not a handout – we expect something in return. Each recipient is required to volunteer their time at their former orphanage a minimum of 20 hours each month. They help out where needed, share their gifts, assist in the kitchen, supervise sports activities, and most significantly, they serve as role models and provide hope for the teen orphans who still reside in the orphanage. This helps lay the foundation for the future success of Haven Bridge.

Career and Life Counseling – A lifetime of dependence on others results in poor independent living skills and an inability to make confident decisions. We provide an experienced and trusted confidant that teaches a wide range of ‘every day’ decision-making skills during this time of life-changing upheaval.

Psychological and Emotional Support — Haven Bridge is committed to addressing the emotional needs of these young adults through:

  • Providing a nurturing environment with staff motivated by their love of these children. A life of disappointment and neglect is the experience of most orphans. We recognize the importance of earning their trust – and we believe in the healing power of love.
  • Seeking the support and involvement of community churches and other local organizations.
  • Connecting each student in our program to their American sponsors in a personal way through letter writing, email, and when possible, visiting the student.
  • Supporting a staff psychologist


Haven Bridge is a 501(c)3 tax exempt public charity focused on preparing orphaned children for independent living through programs offering professional counseling, financial assistance, continued education, self-sufficiency and vocational training.

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